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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

God is indeed faithful!

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Today was an ordinary day, nothing special... until my mom got a call. It was from the dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, where my chosen program belongs. And yes, IT WAS A GOOD NEWS!

My gratefulness to God is impossible to be put to words. AS IN ASLKDJEAODVFMADAKSDKFJ!!! (lol :D)

God is indeed faithful. He fulfills what He promised. My mom and I may have lose hope during the process, but what's really fun in this experience is that I got to see God more clearly. I was able to experience His love and greatness. That was one of the most treasured times of my life. In those times when we almost give up, God always assures me of the future I have in Him. Every time toxic thoughts come in my mind, God  pushes the thoughts away (literally) and replaces them with this Word instead.

During that season of my life, I was reading the Book of Jeremiah. And I read two of my favorite verses in the Bible:

"'For I know I have plans for you,' declares the Lord. 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" (Jeremiah 29:11)

"I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?" (Jeremiah 32:27)

What makes me even more grateful and in awe is the miracle that God performed. The slot that was given to me by the dean is the one last slot. The probability of me getting that slot is 10-90 since there are two more applicants who got higher score than I have.

Nothing is too hard for God. Always remember that. In desperation times, turn to God and fix your eyes on Him. Feel what He feels. And seek for His will. It's perfect.

"...Anything is possible if a person believes." - Jesus (Mark 9:23)


  1. you know you where really inspiring!! alam mo dahil dito sa pinost mo and ung isa na loosing hope ka na. parang nung nabsa ko un, bigla akong nabuhayan ng pag asa swear!!

    i didnt pass sa ust. bs psych .. tinawagan ng mom ko ung ust,
    then sabi gawa daw ako ng recon letter then, iinterviewhin ako sa april 11, 2014 ni dr. donnie ramos. honestly, kinakabahan ako. ininterview ka ba? huhu :( kelangan ba talaga english yung isasagot mo? or ask permission na lang na mag tagalog? kinakabahan kasi ako. kahit mag think positive ako para yung isip ko . na hndi pa rin ako papasa sa interview. huhu :(( nawawalan na ako ng tiwala sa sarili ko. grabe!!

    may i asked po? ano po ba ung mga tinatanong pag interview?
    then, for what is the interview? anong mangyayari pag katapos kung interviewhin?

    kabado talaga!
    sana matulong mo ako with your advices!! super thankyou :?)

    dream school ko ust!!

  2. Hi Leizel! First of all, I'm glad I inspired you. God is really amazing, isn't He? ;) Second, I advise you to just give them whatever they ask of you. Just don't make a novel out of your reconsideration letter. Keep it short but precise because all deans in the university are busy and they just might ignore the letter once they see how long it is. MIGHT.

    About the interview, I didn't undergo one so I'll answer your interview-related questions with what I think and know. However, someone told me they ask questions like "why do you want that program and why UST?"

    English or Filipino? I think it's better if you'll use the English language. After all, don't all interviews use that? :) But I think they allow interviewees to use Filipino from time to time. What's important is that you express yourself. They'll prefer the real you than the not-so-real one. Shake off the feeling of nervousness. Once you feel nervous, you know the shaky feeling lol, you'll be mental blocked and won't be able to say what you intended to say. Don't lose hope and be confident in yourself! It's best to prepare for the interview by expecting questions alike from what I told you.

    The purpose of the interview is for them to really assess the applicant and see if he/she passes the standards of the university. I suppose you're not the only one who'll undergo the interview process, so once you're done with it, they'll give you the date when the list of passers will be posted.

    Again, don't rely on me completely because of two reasons:
    1) I didn't do the interview part.
    2) Things may have changed from my time to the present. It's best to get updates regarding the process from the office of the dean.

    I hope I helped you! If there are any more concerns, don't hesitate to send me a message in Facebook. ( God bless you!! :)

  3. Hi there Kae :)

    Thank you so so so much!! for that wonderful adviced :))) sana magawa ko toh, medyo nag kakaroon na ako ng confidence para sa interview! alam ko naman na nandyan si God habang iniinterview ako ng dean e :) Maraming Maraming salamat :))

  4. Hi po ate ... Alam nyo po di ako nagqualify sa medtech at bs psych I was really devastated at I really cried for it until now di ako maka-move on pero dahil sa pinost mo ate nabuhayan ako ng pag-asa thank you sayo ate ahh... Nung third year palang po talaga ako pinagpe-pray ko na kay god na sana pumasa ako sa ust nung malaman ko po na hindi ako pumasa parang gusto ko pong magalit sa kanya pero sinabi po ng mga friends ko na wag kang madown maybe god has a better plan for you at nung nabasa ko po ito nabuhay po ulit yung pag-asa ko sana po makapasok po ako sa ust.. I will try to send a reconsideration letter from the dean of medtech pero syempre di po ako masyado mag-eexpect instead I will just pray for it para di masyado masaktan pero kung di po talaga ako papalarin makapasok maybe god has really a batter plan. Ate thank you sa pag-post neto ah