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Thursday, July 10, 2014


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One word: LOVE
I love, love, love everything about this day.

Today, I came with 2 of my closest friends, plus my twin sister. My sis and our guy friend just accompanied me and our another friend. We'll get our Anna and the French Kiss signed!!! That was the original plan. But then, I realized that I should seize the oppportunity and buy the second book (which is Lola and the Boy Next Door) since Stephanie has only two books in total. To keep my sister anticipating for the signing and as excited as us, I told her that she could get the LATBND signed so she could have a remembrance for today.

Undoubtedly, there were more people lined up early compared in Jenny Han's book signing. We fell in line pass 8AM (like we did in Jenny's, but a bit later), and we're 280th+ already! While we were in the line, we heard girls far ahead of us scream. We were curious, of course. Until the screams come closer and closer, we found ourselves screaming as well because Stephanie’s car (well, not hers actually, but the car she’s riding in) passed by the line and almost half of her body is outside the window as she was trying to wave to all of us. Gosh, she’s so lovely and sweet we fangirled.

Credits to NBS for being on time for the registration. J I think registration started even minutes before 10AM.

Lola and the Boy Next Door is actually mine, but my twin sister's getting it signed so she could meet Stephanie even though she is not a fan YET. That privilege is actually a reward for accompanying my friend and me in the signing :-P

After we registered, the four of us wandered around the mall. Came 1PM, we went back to NBS to find out that there were many people sitting on the floor already so we were not able to get a good spot. The only good thing in our place is that it's near the entrance.

I don't know what to call myself, but I forgot to remove the stub I kept at the back of my cellphone case protector. That's why that yellow stuff you see in the picture blocked the almost half of the shot. :-( Good thing, I still got Stephanie!

Who would actually think that their favorite author would bring her husband along in her book signing? Yes, Stephanie brought her husband, Jarrod, in today's event. And, they :) are :) soooo :) cute :) Many SP fans actually fangirled when Jarrod entered (because he is undeniably cute!). What's even cuter is that Jarrod signed Stephanie's books as well! So, both of them are signing books today. How cute could they be! Too bad I wasn't able to get my books signed by him :-(

Now, look at that cutie having he's book signing as well. You see the line at the back? Yes, that line is for Jarrod. :-)

As what I've said earlier, we got a bad place so we can't see her in the platform. Moreover, we can't hear the interview because of fan's scream. So, we decided to just skip the interview and come back to check the number from time to time. (T/N: today's system was the same as in Jenny Han's book signing) Two batches before us (meaning, 40 people before our range is called), we decided to settle and wait. That's just when I decided to buy something for Stephanie. After I explored the whole NBS, I haven't found a thing for her. I found maybe a couple of things, but they're either expensive or ordinary. Just a few minutes before our range was called, I figured that I should give her a card and write there everything I want to tell her because I know I won't be able to talk to her just like what happened in Jenny Han's event (I'm still sad about it. *cries*). So yeah, our range was called as I was just starting my letter! My hands were literally shaking! I can't write, dang.

The three of us lined up. I let myself be the last among the three of us as I was still finishing my letter. I was really nervous as we were figuring out what we'll say and what wacky pose we'll ask Stephanie to do. When it was my turn, my brain was running million miles per second as I sinally approached her. We had this very short conversation:
   SP: Hello! How are you?
   Me: Hi! I'm good! *big smile while handing her my letter* Can we hug?
   SP: Sure, of course! *while hugging me* Thanks for coming!
   Me: You're welcome! Please come back
   *takes a pic*
   Me: Thank you!
   SP: Thank you so much!
That's it. The moment I've been waiting for is over in just a minute. And I forgot to tell her our supposedly wacky pose! I doesn't matter that much, though. I'd say waiting for her is worth it. Definitely worth it. :-)

We :-) hugged :-)

This is the picture I posted on my Instagram.

Thanks a bunch to National Bookstore for hosting book signing events! You guys don't know how many dreams you've granted. (Well, I hope they're reading this. Haha.) Looking forward to Marie Lu's turn this fall!


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