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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dear Kpop Haters,

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It was back when I was a week-old Kpop lover when I realize how hard it must have been for the long-time fans. Years back, I used to mock Kpop music. Whenever I tune in in our local music channel and see a Kpop song play, I'd wish there is a Skip button somewhere.

Now that my friends and family discovered my new interest, my ears want to burst from all the mockery.

Friends: 'Nah, they're gay.'
Family: 'Omg, what a terrible fashion.'
Stranger: 'Geez, what did they just say?'
Dog: 'How can you like/listen to a song you don't even undertsand?!'
Universe: 'Chinky eyes everywhere.'


Lemme get this straight and answer the world's most ignorant questions and statements.

1. 'Nah, they're gay.'
Just because one does not dress the way you think one should normally do does not mean he is homosexual. FYI, being gay is based on sexual orientation. Thus, it cannot be judged by how one looks.

2. 'Really, what a terrible fashion'
Every country has its own culture, consequently it own fashion. Hankies on waist? Guys wearing make-up? That's how it goes in Korean entertainment industry. Why care? Perhaps, you've never heard of the word 'costume'.

3. 'Geez, what did they just say?'
Every country has its own unique language. So what if we can't understand what they are singing (or in the case of dramas, saying)? Good news! There is a thing we call online translation! We can even search for English translations and romanizations. Thankfully, there are also fans who translate these interviews. We could even study the language if we really want to. But still...

4. 'How can you like/listen to a song you don't even undertsand?!'
This is the most common question we receive, not to mention the most irritating. Well, I've got a news for you! The beauty of a song does not depend on its lyrics alone. Lyrics won't be called lyrics without any accompaniment. They'll just be called poems. See the importance of rhythm? That's what lacks in some Western music, and the thing that Kpop music abundantly possesses.

5. 'Chinky eyes everywhere.'

While some may have chinky eyes, not all of them have it. I'd even accept it if you're talking about Chinese people. Seriously, get your eyes checked. Lemme tell you an obvious fact: Seeing (t/n: not studying their faces intently) two similar persons together for at least 20 times, will let you distinguish one from the other. There is no need for scientific research of whatsoever for me to know that. Just living with a twin sister for the past 17 years of my life and having close friends who distinguishes us easily as the time went by gave me that realization. So in the case of Korean people looking alike, why don't you try making a picture of a girl group or boy group your phone wallpaper? You could even distinguish them in no more than an hour if you're that eager.

I guess being involved in this industry (lol whut) for the next few months, or even years, would let me make the list longer. So...


No hard feelings, though. Well, actually there is. Just a little. *wink wink*