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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Movies I Came to Love This Summer


Director: Lee Hwan-Kyung

Ryoo Seung-Ryong,  Park Shin-Hye / Kal So-Won, Oh Dal-Su, Park Won-Sang, Jeon Man-Sik, Kim Jung-Tae, Kim Ki-Cheon, Jung Jin-Young

Lee Young-Gu (Ryoo Seun-Ryong), who is mentally handicapped, has a daughter, Yea-Seung (Park Shin-Hye/Kal So-Won), who he loves very much. Back in 1997, they were eyeing a sailormoon bag that Yea-Seung wants to have outside a store, but then his father can't afford it yet so he made a promise to buy her that bag when the payday comes. Unexpectedly, right then and there, someone bought the bag, so innocent Lee Young-Gu went inside the store to beg the kid's father that it is Yea-Seung's bag and began touching the kid's face. As crazy as he looked like, he got slapped by the kid's father. 

The next day, the kid, who is wearing the sailormoon bag, showed up in the grocery store where Lee Young-Gu works and asked him to follow her because she knows where Lee Young-Gu can buy the same bag. In the market, where the floor was covered with ice and no people are around as it is a freezing day, the kid accidentally slipped and died on the spot. Catching up with the kid, Lee Young-Gu saw her lying down, dead. So, he tried to revive the kid. While he was giving her a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, a woman who is passing by the frozen market saw him and thought that Lee Young-Gu was raping the kid! Accused of being a murderer and a rapist, Lee Young-Gu was sent to jail with a death sentence.

In the prison, everything did not start smoothly. But eventually, Lee-Young Gu became friends with his cellmates when he performed an extraordinary act -- which is saving the life of one of his cellmates. To return the favor, they asked for Lee Young-Gu's wish, and that is to see Yea-Seung. That unveils the thrill and comedy in this movie.

 In the present day, Yea-Seung chose the path of becoming a lawyer to prove his father's innocence.

What I think:
Packed with comedy, thrill, and love, this movie will never fail to give everyone a good laugh and a good cry. I'm telling you, if you need a movie that will make your eyes puff from crying, watch this. I've watched this movie thrice already, but I still get the same feelings as if I watched it for the.first time. The cast did a really GREAT job, especially Ryoo Seung-Ryong (Lee Young-Gu) and Kal So-Won (toddler Yea Seung). I'd say this is one of the best movies there ever is, and it certainly deserved its awards.

My rating & Recommendation: 
I highly recommend everyone to watch this.



Director: Doug Liman

Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Kick Gurry, Drago Mrsic, Charlotte Riley, Jonas Armstrong, Franz Drameh

Due to the awesomeness of this movie, I don't think I can explain its story. Even if I do, I doubt you would understand my words. So I recommend you to just read it here

What I think:
Even though it is an action movie, Doug Liman did not forget to include a bit of comedy and love. It's effective, of course (because hello, it's Tom Cruise!). It is really a great film; one of the best this year, in fact. It's just akdmadpvmklsm! I don't know. It's awesome. What I regret was I didn't watched this in 3D! I bet it would be even more awesome if I did because its computer effects and stuff are really realistic. I have to commend the graphics team (or whatever you call them) for doing such an amazing job. However, like many of Inception fans, it is possible to have tons of questions about this movie (though I don't have one) as it is a little bit confusing to others. Be sure to pay attention.

My rating & Recommendation:
I recommend this to all action movie suckers and to Tom Cruise fans out there -- much more to Inception lovers.


That's it. Though I watched 5 movies in total this summer, these two out-shined the three. :-)

Friday, June 27, 2014

What have I done this summer?

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FYI, it's the first time in the Philippine history (I'm being exaggerated if you haven't noticed yet) to have a summer break as long as 4 months. FOUR FREAKING LONG MONTHS, was what I thought when the vacation started. Halfway through, I realized that 4 months couldn't be really that long because of two reasons: 1) I had the 2 months to prepare and be preoccupied with our debut. 2) I'm a kid who has a meters-long TBR list.

So, to answer the title of this entry, what I did was:
1) Prepare and celebrate our debut (as stated before)
2) Organized my parents' surprise wedding (with the help of my siblings ofc, and which I will be blogging about!!)
3) Read books
4) Watched Korean dramas and movies
5) Attended my favorite authors' book signing (!!!)

Now that our 4-month vacation is almost over, I realized the need to pause and write about the awesome things that has happened, and write a review about each stuff I watched and read. In total, 11 reviews and 4 journal-type of entry. You see why this break seems short to me?

It's great to have a break & look back at the good GREAT things that God has blessed me. :-)