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Friday, June 27, 2014

What have I done this summer?

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FYI, it's the first time in the Philippine history (I'm being exaggerated if you haven't noticed yet) to have a summer break as long as 4 months. FOUR FREAKING LONG MONTHS, was what I thought when the vacation started. Halfway through, I realized that 4 months couldn't be really that long because of two reasons: 1) I had the 2 months to prepare and be preoccupied with our debut. 2) I'm a kid who has a meters-long TBR list.

So, to answer the title of this entry, what I did was:
1) Prepare and celebrate our debut (as stated before)
2) Organized my parents' surprise wedding (with the help of my siblings ofc, and which I will be blogging about!!)
3) Read books
4) Watched Korean dramas and movies
5) Attended my favorite authors' book signing (!!!)

Now that our 4-month vacation is almost over, I realized the need to pause and write about the awesome things that has happened, and write a review about each stuff I watched and read. In total, 11 reviews and 4 journal-type of entry. You see why this break seems short to me?

It's great to have a break & look back at the good GREAT things that God has blessed me. :-)


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