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Thursday, August 22, 2013

La Ville Lumière

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As what I've said in my previous entry, I had been addicted to French stuffever since I finished reading Anna and the French Kiss. I had been studying French language for quite a while and learned to spell and pronounce a few words. *cheers* I had been productive during the suspended class days... only with things not related to school. Lol. At least, I didn't let a day pass without knowing something new. Haha.

In line with this addiction, I made a mix composed of 16 french songs. Gosh, it took me 3 hours just to find those songs. Anyway, here's the mix.

Ça ira  - Joyce Jonathan
Sacred Heart - The Civil Wars
Je ne sais pas - Joyce Jonathan
J'ai Laissé - Christophe Maé
Au-dela Des Mots - Axel Tony ft. Dry
Vous - Merwan Rim
Aude - Reves d'Enfants
Le Festin  - Camille
Je t'aime - Axel Tony
Elle Me Dit - Mika
On S'attache - Christophe Maé
C'était salement romantique  - Coeur de Pirate
L'amour Dans le Mauvais Temps  - Mika
Comme Des Enfants - Coeur de Pirate
Fondu Au Noir - Coer de Pirate
On Trace La Route - Christophe Maé

Enjoy :)


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