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Sunday, March 10, 2013

God as the Ultimate Provider

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After a stressful week, it is just for us to go shoppingggg. Haha. It feels good to shop when you know you have lots of money. We were planning to go to Quiapo first to buy eyeglasses we had eyeing since last year, then go to the mall, but unfortunately the route going to Quiapo goes in a heavy traffic, and we don’t want ourselves wasting our time being stuck in heavy traffic that’s why we decided to go to the mall instead. My sister and I went to a mall near our house to buy some stuff. Both of us have been longing to go to the mall, but since we were very busy these past few weeks, we just have the time now.

Just a brief background of what happened this full-of-exam week...

On Monday and Tuesday, we had our exam in English, Economics, Physics, and Filipino. I took the exam in Physics with only 30-minute rest. It was really stressful. I have to study really hard in this subject because i keep on getting not so good grade. By God's grace, i was able to answer the exam. :)

On Wednesday, we had our goverment exam, National Achievement Test. When I finished my Math test earlier before the time allotted is finished, I got to draw in my scratch paper. It really is boring and I don’t want myself wasting my time staring at the ceiling or looking around the four corners of the classroom, so I came up with this. (photo to be uploaded)

On Thursday, our English and Physics exam papers were brought back to us. Forget about the Physics exam. Haha. But guess what? I got the highest score in our English exam in our class. I really did not expect it. When our teacher randomly announced the result in our class, I was like "are you serious?" Well, it turned out she was really serious. Haha. Everything is by God and for God. I could have not done it without His grace. :) This day was also the last regular class we have as a high school student, but it's not that really memorable since we are really busy with our own requirements, except in our english class. In fact, i would not know that it'll be our last regular class until our teacher mentioned it. She made us say what in her class will we not forget or is memorable. I told he, the exam-like quizzes and her clothes (fyi, she's a fashionista. she never repeats terno) Anyway, this was also the last day in my high school life when i have to stay up late til midnight to accomplish all of my requirements because the next day, friday, would be the deadliest of all deadlines. Lol. By God's grace, I was able to make it with only a 2-hour sleep.

On Friday, it was kinda boring in school since we were only oriented about our graduation practices schedule. I was really tired because i only had a 2-hour sleep since i was cramming for the last submission of all requirements.

Today, Saturday, as I said earlier, was a time-out day for my sister and I. First, we went to Booksale as we are dreading to have new books, though there are piles of books in our home that we still haven’t read yet. That’s one bad habit I have. Anyway, I came across with a January 2012 Total Girl magazine issue, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and The Forbidden Room. When my sister saw me holding the The Summer I Turned Pretty, she gasped and told me that the book is really nice according to her classmates. They got addicted to it, she said. I was already convinced to buy that book when I read the plot at the back of the book, even before she told me the testimony of her classmates. One more, The Summer I Turned Pretty costs almost half of its price in National Bookstore, that’s why.

While I was looking for books, I saw a copy of Fireproof, which I already have, the one I bought online, with damage and more expensive. My heart was really broken, at the same time mad at myself for seeing a copy of Fireproof as good as new and cheaper, and buying a book online knowing that it has damages. I realized something...

If we don’t wait for God’s perfect plan and time for us, we will end up with the far much cheaper and damaged plans we have for ourselves. Patience and reservation. That’s what this experience taught me.

After Booksale, we went to Jewels, a cheap but very nice clothes shop. My sister and I ended up buying a one-fifty-peso short. It is really nice. I had the royal blue and she had the tangerine one.

After Jewels, we went to the department store to buy a shirt that will pair up with our new shorts. Gladly, we found a cheap one the costs one-hundred fifty pesos (150php) only. We roam around more to check out some shoes we long to buy months before, but sadly we have no size anymore. My sister and I suddenly passed by the Converse shop. My sister said, “Tara, tingin tayo.”
“Wag na, mahal jan,” I said, stopping her.
“Bakit, bawal ba mag lay hands?” my sister said, and I burst into laughter.
I was just reminded that God is my (our) Father. We can ask anything of Him, since He owns everything in this world and He is a great and ultimate Provider.

"If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” (Luke 11:13 NIV)

Lastly, we went to Payless shop, a much-cheaper-than-the-original-price shoe shop. We had been planning to buy a pair of shoes as for our graduation gift for my dad. We saw a couple of good pairs, but we embarrassingly don’t know the shoe size of our own father so we ended up not buying. Haha. We just took note of the shoes.

We went home after that, and I let her watch one of my favourite movies, Prom. When I watched the movie alone, I know that it already has a very predictable plot (of course it’s a Disney movie. Haha), bad-boy-ends-up-with-good-girl type of movie. What I want in this movie is just a flashback of my own prom. Though I know that Jesse (Thomas McDonell) will still be with Nova (I don’t know her real name) in the end, I didn’t know the twist in the latter part of the movie. One more thing, that guy Jesse is really handsome and cute in some ways. Haha. My sister and I got addicted to the OST of the movie, We Could Be Anything by Nolan Sotillo. It is really nice. J

After a very long day, we rest. J



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