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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To start of...

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Well, I had been planning to create a legit blog since 2011, but considering the little time I have, I just created one today.

I am a senior high school student (yes, i'm about to graduate), who just got out of the exam week, and finds creating a blog a pleasure after the stress I'd gone through this school year (charot xD). Since my high school journey is about to end, we had been bombarded with tons of requirements "as a preparation for college" as our teachers say, like the quarterly portfolios with reflections. While I was writing my subject reflections, I had a lot of insights that I wanna share to everyone. I will find time to post some of my school reflections. Haha.

I intend to post what I think, some memorable and ecstatic events of my life, my feelings, my thoughts, specifically the things that God speaks/reveals to me :) In other words, this serves as my public journal :D

Pardon me if I have wrong grammar, typo graphical error, or whatever error you might find in this blog. I'm open to corrections. :) Hope you'll enjoy! :D I appreciate feedback. :)



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