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Saturday, March 16, 2013

We'll Always Have Summer book review

** Okay, I have to admit that this is more of a fangirl post than an actual book review. Don't expect much, given the fact that I'm fangirling so much about this book, or this trilogy for that matter. ASDFKRJTOAFDKKLSJ ;)*

Note: Bare with this entry as there are quite a lot strikethroughed words/sentences.

Dang. Sure there are a couple of books that made me teary eyed, but this book, We’ll Always Have Summer, was the first fiction book ever that made me cry really hard. Even after finishing the book, I kept on crying even though *spoiler alert* it was a good ending after all. Bookworms know the feeling of struggling to move on with your life or even to decide what book they’re gonna read next after having a hangover with the last book they've read. That’s exactly what I felt.

Moving on to the third book of Summer trilogy was quite hard for me because I was shocked with how the ending of the second book went. I was excited at the same time to read We’ll Always Have Summer to find out how things will finally turn out.

While reading the first two books, I bet on Jeremiah. I ship Jerelly, really hard. I told my friend, Belly’s gonna end up with Jeremiah in the end. I like Jeremiah’s personality and attitude in the first two books. The way he is always there for Belly, like he has this ESP connection with Belly that Conrad doesn't have. That’s what I love with Jeremiah. He can be the best friend Belly wants. I don’t want Conrad for some reasons. He is ignorant, rebellious, and heartless... or at least in the first two books. If he has this feeling for Belly, then why didn't he just be brave enough to face Belly and tell her that he love her? After all, it’s always been Belly who approaches him, making efforts to be near him just as she always desired.

But on the third book, everything turned out the way I didn't expect them to. Nice twist. In We'll Always Have Summer, we get to know Conrad's thoughts this time, which makes it really, really interesting. It was his turn to express his point of view. The readers get to know the reasons behind his shitty attitude and actions in the first two books. Meanwhile, this cute, golden boy Jeremiah turned out to be a frat-boy type who got wasted and corrupted. I hate it. I like Jeremiah a lot. Just as I started to dislike Jeremiah, I begin to like Conrad in the third book. He's mature, strong (emotionally, because he got to control his feelings for Belly and let Jeremiah have her considering the promise Conrad made in Susannah's gravestone), and smart (like he has always been).

I liked the way Jenny Han planned to write this whole thing. Conrad speaking his point in the third book made the story more emotional and strong. I had this picture of Conrad as a strong person, who is ignorant, rebellious and heartless, but since he shows how hurt and weak he can be inside, that made my whole picture of him turn around. In fact, I started to admire him. This book turned my picture of Conrad in the first two books the other way around. He has this initiation as the elder brother. He is mature and smart, too. That’s what I want in boys, by the way. I always had this thing for smart and responsible guys. I had been praying to God about my dream guy – Christian (of course), and engineer (or architect) or a doctor. Lol. Anyway, as of my picture of Jeremiah in the third book, it turned the other way around, too. He went like corrupted and wasted in the third book with all those parties and his fraternity. He looked like not too mature to marry Belly. Both of them were not even old to marry each other yet, by the way.


I was shocked in the first part of the story wherein Belly knew Jeremiah cheated on her. That was very unlike Jeremiah, I thought. But he had grown so much since the second book I guess. I have that titillating moments every time Conrad expresses his love for Belly in simple ways when Jeremiah is not in around. I love the way Conrad controlled himself in showing Belly his love or even kissing her, knowing that his brother will marry the one and only girl he loves.

I also love the idea that Laurel (Belly’s mother) didn't permit the sudden marriage of Belly and Jeremiah, considering the fact that they’re still very young. She didn't want this thing for Belly because she knows it isn't the best for her. But, she ended up with still supporting her daughter and showcasing a soft heart just like all mothers always have.

One song that came into my mind when Conrad finally came up to face Belly with his feelings after the bachelor’s night (which was the best among the best parts!) was Taken by One Direction. It perfectly fits the scene.


What I like about the trilogy is that the emotions are well narrated and expressed, and it has always a thrill. The three books has their own way in making the reader feel nervous, titillated, thrilled, in love, or even feel their stomach tied up in knots.

I started to cry from page 233 ‘til the very last page of the book. Even after closing the book, I’m still crying, I know I sound crazy or whatever, but just give the book (better yet, the whole trilogy!) a try. Read it.

After all, I am contented and love the way the story ended. Everything came into place.

Recommendation: Girls (since this is mostly a girl's POV book)14 years old and up

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