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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Trilogy Addiction

I really am sorry for this Summer trilogy spam. I know I have more than two blog entries about this trilogy, but I'm sorry I just can't get enough. :(  I just don't have someone to talk to about how good this book is, so I have to express, express, and express :) 

I spent two days rereading It's Not Summer Without You and We'll Always Have Summer. I seriously can't get enough of the Summer trilogy. Believe it or not, I still found myself crying (but not as bad as the first time I read it though) at the end of the book. I even managed to e-mail Jenny Han last night to show my appreciation and gratitude. Anyway, in my post entitled The Summer Trilogy, I put up a list of songs that fit the characters and two tandems respectively. But I think I should put all the songs all together in a mixtape, so here it is. Hope you'll like it :)

One last thing. Movie casting. I really wish this trilogy would have a movie. I came up with my own dream cast. It was really a hard to choose, knowing that a lot of actors/actresses can be qualified. Unfortunately, as of now, I came up with my list for a few characters only. For the really main characters, I have two choices each.


Lily Collins


Thomas McDonell

Steven McQueen

**I really like Thomas McDonell to take the role of Conrad. And I think Steven McQueen can take Jeremiah's role, too.


Jeremy Sumpter


Meaghan Martin


Drew Roy


Logan Lerman


That's it. I hope I can finally get over this trilogy. It affected me so much :)

Thanks to Jenny Han for this amazing trilogy.

Disclaimer: I don't own those pictures. I forgot what specific sites I have gotten those. I basically searched in Google Images, but I believe each picture belongs to a certain website, so yeah :D

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PPS. Tell me what you think by commenting below! :)



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