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Thursday, July 10, 2014

NBS Book Signing: JENNY HAN

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So this June 21, I freaking met my  all-time favourite author – Jenny Han! I woke up at exactly 6AM to be one of the firsts. When I got there at around 8AM, a dang long line welcomed us. I was 155th. The night before, I was seriously stressing my brain on what to say to Jenny. I actually manage to have 2 options. With only 3 books that I will let her sign, I don’t think we’ll have enough time to talk. So, I kept my script short, but precise.

So here’s the system of National Bookstore’s (NBS) book signing event:
  1. Registration starts at 10AM. In all fairness, they’re on time. I guess, the first 50 in line got reserved seats. So as for the rest of us, we have to stand.
  2. After registering, you have the choice to stay there and wait til Christmas, or you could wander in the beautiful malls of Makati.
  3. 2PM should be the start of the event. (However, we started at 3PM.) interview, which will not be longer than an hour, comes first (OFC!).
  4. NBS calls numbers per range. Today, it’s by 20.
  5. You fall in line when your number belongs to the range that was called. When you’re almost next, they get your stub and the book in advance, let the author sign it, take a picture, then good bye.

During the interview. Gosh, her voice is so nice I just can't

Number 5 LITERALLY happened to me. I wasn’t able to talk Jenny Han, only “Hi... *picture* Thank you!” dang, right? It is because of a decision that I regretted the whole night after the signing. I decided to be the last person in line in our range for us to have an ample to chitchat without causing much delay. Well, that was what I expected. They got my books ahead of time, and when it was my turn, I simply went to the platform, said “hi,” smiled at the camera, and said my thanks to Jenny Han. (She didn’t even say ‘hello!’ *cries*) Though she is really my favourite and I’m glad I finally saw her, I don’t think my 8 hours of waiting was rewarded by less than a minute of encounter with her. No regrets, though. I REALLY AM glad to have finally met the first author who gave me my first book hangover. And she if ever comes back, I would be more than glad to meet her again, hoping for a better encounter.

This is the picture I posted on my Instagram.

Thanks to my sister for getting a digital shot!


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